MilesWeb Review – Fast & Scalable VPS Hosting

MilesWeb Review - Fast & Scalable VPS Hosting


A good web host has a huge effect on the success of a website. If you start searching for web hosting in the market, you will probably look for inexpensive options. There are different types of web hosting services like shared hosting, reseller hosting, WordPress hosting, cloud hosting and best dedicated server hosting.

A virtual private server or a VPS, as the name suggests is a virtually isolated server. In VPS, you don’t have to share your allocated resources with other users. You get complete root SSH access along with a private environment. You can also install and configure any software, application and control on your VPS.

Here is one of the top VPS hosting providers, MilesWeb. They are well-known for providing the best VPS hosting service for growing websites.

Let’s get started with the review by knowing about their VPS hosting plans first.

MilesWeb VPS Hosting Plans

Designed for businesses, managed VPS hosting gives you a wide range of features but basically the servers are managed by MilesWeb, so you don’t have to worry about keeping and maintaining the software up to date every step of the way.

MilesWeb has best linux VPS hosting India divided into Standard and Memory Optimized VPS hosting plans.

The Standard VPS hosting plan has ten packages, and the Memory Optimized VPS hosting plan has eight packages.

When it comes to pricing, MilesWeb is super affordable. Their entry-level plan of Standard VPS hosting starts at Rs.630 per month on three years of subscription.

Standard VPS Hosting



Memory-Optimized VPS Hosting

Memory-Optimized VPS Hosting


VPS Hosting Features

MilesWeb offers premium VPS hosting with the most robust feature sets in the industry. They offer Indian based data center located in Mumbai and a  99.99% uptime SLA.  Let us get to know more features below.

Unlimited Databases

With the Linux VPS hosting account of MilesWeb, you are free to create and manage unlimited databases. The VPS hosting platform of MilesWeb supports various versions of MySQL, MariaDB and MongoDB.

Guaranteed Resources

When you buy a hosting plan, you consider the website requirements such as RAM, disk storage you need for the web applications. With the VPS hosting plan, you get what you paid for. If you buy a hosting plan with 12GB, you get your 12GB. They guarantee that for sure.

SSL Certificate

You get a free SSL certificate with the VPS hosting plan. They offer a Let’s Encrypt certificate at no additional cost. When an SSL certificate is activated on your website, the URL is secure with HTTPS. Any information that passes to and from the server will be encrypted automatically. It prevents attackers from gaining access to sensitive information shared by visitors as it flows through the internet.

Protection against Server Blacklisting

The dedicated IP of your VPS will be unique to your websites which means no blacklisting threats. Unlike shared hosting, where blocking one website will lead to blacklisting of the IP address of a complete server.

Enterprise-Class Hardware

The VPS hosting account of MilesWeb is on-board with the most advanced and powerful servers built with cutting-edge hardware.

24/7 Customer Support

MilesWeb offers the best customer support 24/7 via email, live chat and tickets. Their support team is highly patient and they resolve your issues related to hosting without getting irritated.

No Noisy Neighbors

A VPS server acts as an independent server machine that has its own resources. You get dedicated resources from a virtual server where you don’t have to share with other users. There are no fluctuations in the performance of your website as you don’t have to struggle for resources. You get predetermined resources for your VPS hosting that you can scale according to your requirements.

CSF Firewall

MilesWeb offers ConfigServer Security & Firewall (CSF), which is one of the most compatible and popular firewall applications for Linux VPS. Their support team will optimally configure it to protect your websites from potential attacks.

Unlimited Email Accounts

MilesWeb understands the importance of having email accounts to manage various operations online. You can create unlimited email accounts with professional email ids for free. You can access and manage them through the easy-to-use webmail interface.

Database and Website Security

MilesWeb re-configures the database settings to optimize data protection. The SSL which is installed will encrypt your website data discouraging potential attackers.

VPS Performance Optimization

MilesWeb actively configures and scales your VPS resources to keep the performance of your website at an excellent level.

Security Optimization

They do system analysis to help you tighten your VPS security and cover all bases. It includes recommending settings, customizations and assigning system authorizations.

Unbeatable Speed and Performance

MilesWeb offers state-of-the-art technology solutions for VPS. It focuses on providing the best compatibility for the heavy resource website/application which runs on the server.

Choice of Operating Systems

The VPS hosting account of MilesWeb supports different variants of the Linux operating system. You can choose the one for your VPS, and you can leave its installation to them.


MilesWeb offers the best SSD-based VPS hosting service. With all the VPS hosting plans, you get a 99.99% uptime guarantee, an SSD-based VPS server, and a data center in Mumbai. You get the best experience for your high-traffic site by hosting it on MilesWeb’s server.

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